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Speed VPN Pro-Fast APK

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Speed VPN SpeedVPN’s Free VPN Proxy lives as long as your ID, outperforming many free Android VPN alternatives in tempo entry, while offering a straightforward interface for entry-level clients. However, elemental flaws in key areas render these strengths irrelevant in the whole picture.

Developed by the GoSpeed ​​Software software program and accessible only by Google Play, SpeedVPN has a dynamic identification and simply detects problems, too simple in a way.

While this VPN will be very easy to get and run, and totally free to use, it lacks many security measures that smartphone security tools should have. It can be fast, but without environmentally friendly encryption and security against leaks, the pace means nothing.

As our SpeedVPN overview will be updated, that’s another Android competitor that flirts with success, but ultimately fails to present what privacy-conscious customers require.

Security and privacy

When evaluating a VPN, privacy and security are vital parts. In any case, the only trigger to slow down your web referral to a VPN is studying anonymity and security against malicious trains. Due to this fact, it is a logical place to start with this overview Speed VPN.

Instantly, SpeedVPN provides the following inaccurate claims about its security measures:

To “protect your privacy” and “prevent monitoring”

Actually, these are all the VPN options in your Google Play breakdown: it is virtually unknown what kind of encryption it uses (if any), what protocols it uses, how it ensures security against DNS leaks, and so on. whether it is or not. whether or not there is a dying man or not. swap and the inclusion of add-ons like double VPN or malware scan. That’s a reasonably unimpressive start for a smartphone security device Speed VPN.

We want to introduce SpeedVPN to the benefit of the doubt. In any case, it is completely free and attracts a number of rewards from people’s reviews.

However, from a security perspective, we’d rather have a lot more knowledge than give VPN credit scores, and there’s just not enough to work with here. The safest assumption is that SpeedVPN lasts as long as your free Tempo VPN Proxy and provides a proxy service, not a full VPN. And that can rule out encryption and security against leaks.

Does SpeedVPN retain logs?

Short answer: positive.

The situation could also be carefully associated in the case of logging. Google Play’s SpeedVPN breakdown mentions that it “avoids monitoring”, however it says nothing at all about the amount of data and the log of the VPN itself. With free providers, it’s very sensible to think that the creators are hoarding customer data for financial capabilities, at least until it’s confirmed in some other case. SpeedVPN doesn’t bother to inform customers in the slightest, which is a serious sin on the planet of VPNs Speed VPN.

There is no privacy protection, so we could not absolutely assess the extent of the logging. We really couldn’t even report where the VPN was based entirely, regardless of whether we had been using the app for hours or not. This lack of transparency makes SpeedVPN an app that no security-conscious smartphone owner should use.

Try the best no-logs VPN guidelines

Tempo and effectiveness

The connection tempo is an area where you would anticipate that a corporation generally known as SpeedVPN will carry this out effectively. And that is mainly true Speed VPN.

On our beat, check out this SpeedVPN overview, acquisition speeds have been excellent and there was no noticeable effect on regular streams, both YouTube and Day by Day Motion. The get tempo was effectively maintained, and we could multitask with streams in the background without slowing down.

Now, that seems like a huge win for SpeedVPN, and very effectively it could be too. However, likewise, you wouldn’t anticipate big slowdowns if a VPN didn’t encrypt any information. The speeds we found have been suspiciously fast, as if SpeedVPN does nothing to protect our purchases Speed VPN.

Server security

Server security isn’t fair to SpeedVPN, however there could be at least a small variety of options as well. Prospects can log into three servers in Canada, the US, and France. Which means that you could possibly enter materials with European content restricted to

rs quite merely. All things are designed to be effective and easy to handle for students.

Unblocking Netflix and completely different streaming platforms.

The lack of experience and poor security documented above will be partially forgiven if SpeedVPN performs effectively across the entire Netflix unblocking space. However, we were under no illusions. Only a few free Android VPNs can overcome Netflix’s geo-blocking strategies, not to mention Hulu or BBC iPlayer Speed VPN.

Streaming speeds have been good with YouTube and we were lucky enough to unblock UK football content materials that can usually be off limits. So it was promising. However, Netflix did not play ball. We had no luck posing as French to see what Netflix wanted to offer in Paris. For those looking for a free VPN to directly enter a hard-to-find TV giveaway, this is probably not the case Speed VPN.

You may want to try this best VPN for Netflix guidelines.

P2P and torrents

Protected torrenting is another feature that is hardly associated in any way with free VPNs, and we weren’t surprised by SpeedVPN’s effectiveness right here Speed VPN.

To be honest with the VPN, it doesn’t promise customers a stellar P2P connection, and using streaming websites isn’t really a danger. Also, there is no death swap, which is something anyone starting torrenting would look for mechanically. And the latest doubts about SpeedVPN’s security indicate that it is better to look for completely different providers to defend your torrent train Speed VPN.

Online censorship in China and elsewhere

SpeedVPN claims to have the power to “unblock geo-restricted websites”. If true, it will probably be a great device to use for official censorship. And it actually works up to a point. We found that some geographic restrictions will be bypassed by the proxy feature, however it is unlikely to have any effect in countries like China Speed VPN.

Bypassing the good firewall requires revolutionary encryption and leak security, and the ability to become invisible for deep packet inspection. None of that can be achieved with SpeedVPN, leaving Chinese-speaking customers widely open to online surveillance. So this is definitely not the information release instrument that we were prepared for Speed VPN.

Buyer assistance

Strong buyer support is always an advantage with free VPNs, but it is very rare. Most of the time, these providers just get their consumers on Google Play and let the downloads pile up Speed VPN.

And that’s exactly what we found with SpeedVPN. There is no customer support, no way. Prospects don’t really have any strategy to determine who is behind the software program program (except for developer GoSpeed, who seems to have no footprint in the community). So in case you have any questions about safety or effectiveness, there is no one to call. No cell phone support, no live chat, no email, nothing, just a few tensions on a Google Play breakdown Speed VPN.


SpeedVPN is a free VPN / proxy for Android (you can’t possibly think which one). Due to this fact, there is no such thing as a requirement on the card details of the financial institution, which eliminates the threat of data sharing. There’s no need for the free trial, so customers don’t need to fear being mechanically enrolled in paid subscriptions – they typically won’t have to struggle with the dreaded refund protection, both Speed VPN.

So that each one is effective. However, it is not enough to rescue the VPN from its many flaws.

Line again

SpeedVPN lives as long as your ID, offering fast connection speeds and a lightweight, easy-to-use Android persona. It is easy to install and completely free. That is the tip of the optimistic elements.

On the debit side, this provider provides virtually no details about its operation. Everyone knows nothing about your encryption or protocols, DNS leaks are practically inevitable, and Netflix unblocking is unfortunate. There is no such thing as Kill Swap or double VPN, and buyer assistance is totally absent, as is privacy coverage that works. All of that makes it a VPN you need for me.


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