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IG STORY Instagram stories, great way to grab attention, and promote your content or business. We all know the basics of Stories IG, you can upload a video for 15 seconds, you can add multiple features including links, emoji, hashtags etc. The story can last on your profile for 24 hours. Many people watch the stories and make users believe to visit the website link to buy the product or to go through the content of a respective account. 

There are many reasons to watch someone’s story, to get info about our business competitors, what is happening in my friends and family, what my ex is up to or even stalking your crush, and more. But we do not want to get caught, or identified by our target. 

People have various motives for publishing each story, and other Instagram users have different reasons for needing to download one’s story. Every now and then, a fellow will collect an iconic moment that you’ll want to keep for the future. The story will disappear and be missed after a day if users do not save it. Our privacy is important to us and to keep it we need to be anonymous IG STORY. 

IG Stories, Insta Stories, Damper,


So, the answer is you can do it, yes! You can see others’ stories without getting caught. With the help of IG Stories, Insta Stories, Dumper, etc.  and other techniques you can do this. Stories cannot be avoided; they are very helpful and to use the features of Instagram IG STORY. 

If you like to keep hidden and see other peoples stories, you do these few things. We all need that our name should not be mentioned on the seen story list, so to avoid it make a new account with the new name and do not show any association with your actual account, you do not need to log out from your actual account to use another account but be careful IG STORY. 

Then follow whoever story you like to see. Another way is to use airplane mode, when we are in the mood on our smartphones, we completely lose the Wi-Fi connection. The thing is that before cutting out Wi-Fi Instagram automatically save certain stories which you can watch without getting in anyone’s notice IG STORY. 


IG Stories is very helpful if you like to see stories anonymously, it can also give you an option to download these videos on stories. So, you need to type the username at the search bar, after opening the IG Stories page on your browser. After submitting you will receive a search result with live stories. After loading choose stories, and then download and see which one you like. To do that IG Stories gives us a blue button, press it and you can download them on your smartphone IG STORY. 

The best thing about IG Stories is that it keeps you anonymous, you can watch and download as many videos as you like but no one knows about it, and no notification has been sent to the user. It is the primary consent of IG Stories to keep their user’s privacy. But it does not mean that IG Stories did not respect the privacy of search accounts and law and order. You can only see and download stories from the public accounts, yes! they do not provide you any information from any private account. IG Stories thinks it is the user’s opinion whom he or she wants to share the content with so keep that the way.

Instagram, with its constant stream of posts and stories, can become a little overwhelming. Regardless of how many users you follow on Instagram, you cannot like or show interest in each post. At the top in your feeds Instagram shows you all those things which IG think you like, but the way to use the feed is to personalize it. Instagram enables you to receive immediate post updates for people, bands, and groups that you genuinely care about IG STORY.

You can receive notification by two options.

Look up the person’s name, follow them, and go to their profile page. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Find “Enable post notifications” and switch it on. You can also enable story notifications for the same person.

Accessing your feed is another way to enable post notifications. You will notice the same three dots next to each name above their post as you scroll down. Simply click the three dots to switch notifications on and off IG STORY.

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