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Half Day Desert Safari in Jaisalmer

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Safari in Jaisalmer

Safari in Jaisalmer If you only have a short time to spend in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer would seem to be a remote destination.However you might be able to make it work! The majority of people visit Jaisalmer just for the sake of taking a desert tour. Camel rides through the desert are very popular within the town.

The tour will take you to towns that are abandoned and will provide you with amazing golden dunes experiences. The most beautiful and attractive feature that comes with Camel Safari Tour Package Camel Safari Tour Package is the chance to experience the true image of life in rural areas. The most impressive aspect of this trip is that you’ll get in a quiet area which makes it a special and tranquil experience.After the tour, you’ll travel to the deserted dunes in the evening for an excursion on a camel through the desert. You’ll be able to enjoy a one-and-a-half hour ride in the desert, and you’ll have the chance to view the breathtaking sunset and take pictures of breathtaking views Safari in Jaisalmer

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The group will take you into the caves of Camel Safari’s excitement.With the stunning scenery in the Thar Desert, you may enjoy a range of different activities like jeep and camel safaris, as being able to relax in Gadsisar Lake or watch the sunset in the distance of Jaisalmer Fort. These are half-day tours that we provide at fair prices.Pick-up at your hotel or at any location in Jaisalmer.the time you arrive at Sand Sun Dunes, you could have arrived in your camp in the desert camp.The Camel Safari will be enjoyable.In the evening, you can enjoy the evening with a Rajasthani traditional show in this camp. camp.At Camp, you will be served a meal prepared with local cooks. Leave the camp and head back to the point where you started Safari in Jaisalmer

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With many prestigious strongholds in the city, now you can take in all of them as well as the famous Basti and Basti, both of which have an old-fashioned way of life and are accessible via an unforgettable jeep tour. The many activities we offer could offer you a glimpse of your personalSafari in Jaisalmer beliefs that you might not have known about until this point. Be relaxed and relish some of the most memorable moments with all the most skilled staff to assist you with these exciting tasks. Book an excursion during the season to allow you to experience the natural beauty up close and enjoy the most enjoyable time with your loved ones.

Camel safari in Jaisalmer

Jeep safari in Jaisalmer

Night Safari in the Jaisalmer desert.

It is a Half-Day Sunrise Camel Safari has already been developed to give you the first-hand experience of an amazing and refreshing sunrise over those dunes in the desert.This excursion lets you travel for a short distance into the desert, take a shower and proceed with your day according to the itinerary planned.You are also given an archeological tour of Khaba Fort. Khaba Fort, as well as a trip to an oasis of nature that never gets dry and quenches the thirst of thousands of animals and birds Safari in Jaisalmer.

This excursion in Jaisalmer offers a sunset excursion across the Sam Sand Dunes as well as a desert dinner. Take a private vehicle to Sam’s golden dunes . You will enjoy a 2 to 3 hour camel ride through the sands, with photos at sunset on the route. End with a delicious buffet at a desert camp featuring live folklore performances. Dinner, along with the station or hotel pickup and drop-off at Jaisalmer is included. Couples are sure to enjoy this romantic trip. Fuel surcharges, taxes and service charges are included. The dinner buffet is included. Hotel transportation is included Safari in Jaisalmer.

After sunset, take an elephant and experience the Rajasthani cultural program that is a traditional folk dance as well as music played in the local music and dancing troupe. They will gather around an open fire with local musicians and artists.Your journey begins with a jeep ride from Jaisalmer and will take you to the abandoned village of Kuldhara on the way. After that, you’ll be in the desert, where you will greet your camel. You’ll be riding the camel for one hour along the sand dunes, while taking in the desert wildlife. Then you’ll arrive at a private and tranquil area surrounded by dunes of sand at the right time to watch the stunning sunset in western part of the Thar Desert Safari in Jaisalmer

After sunset, you’ll arrive at our desert camp at which point you will be welcomed by a cup of tea or coffee, along with some treats. In addition, you will receive a delicious vegetarian buffet dinner in this restaurant. Following that, you will be able to have a great time at the Rajasthani cultural celebration that includes traditional folk dancing and music performed by local performers and dancers. After the program and meal after which you’ll be taken home to Jaisalmer in the jeep.

Come to Jaisalmer and walk through the past. Stay all night sleeping in a luxurious private Swiss tent, which includes the ride on a camel. Enjoy a memorable evening of Rajasthani Folk Dance & Music followed by the vegetarian buffet.

We are sure you’ll leave with memorable memories to be able to share with your loved ones and friends.

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