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Effect of low price domains

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Looking for low price domains name registration in Nepal? If yes, you’re not alone.

As business owners, we know the domain is a fundamental part of any online business. We’re encouraged to expose our business to new prospects, customers, and clients via good domain name only ensuring increased sales conversion. But do you ever find yourself wondering, “What is the effect of low price or even free domain? Is your domain name in good hands for years to come?”

Not all domain registration companies in Nepal are the same. Some use tactics such as hidden fees or even low priced domain names for promotional purposes, which might impact you in the long run. So, every week, we share new insightful articles on domain and web hosting to help you make a wise decision and grow your business. low price domains

low price domains

How Much Does a New Domain Name Actually Cost?

When it comes to popular domain extensions, the most popular one is the .COM domain and is widely used for commercial purposes. The costs for .COM Domain Registration Costs you anywhere between NPR.1000 to NPR.1500 per year depending upon your registrar. However, these prices also differ based on the add-ons you want to add to it.

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