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COPY WRITING TIPS No one wants to bake a cake, but everyone wants a piece of cake. Not your customers, at least. It is your responsibility to sell the cake and ensure that it is delivered fresh and on time.

You must know how to write product descriptions that sell if you want your customers to take you up on your offer. You must write product descriptions that explain why a buyer should purchase from you COPY WRITING TIPS .

This book walks you through the steps of creating product descriptions and includes instructive examples from real-world online stores COPY WRITING TIPS.

What is the definition of a product description?

The marketing copy that explains what a product is and why it’s worth buying is known as a product description. The goal is to provide clients with critical information about the product’s characteristics and benefits so that they feel motivated to buy COPY WRITING TIPS .

  • The following are examples of good product descriptions:
  • Product names that are relevant.
  • A detailed description of your item.
  • Product photos that are appealing and of excellent quality.
  • Pricing and shipping information are both well stated.
  • A captivating call to action (CTA) that directs customers to your product’s purchase page.
  • Specifications that explain what’s going on behind the scenes of your product.
  • Customer testimonials from genuine people.
  • There is enough white space and proper grammar.
  • The writing style is engaging, and the descriptive words are plenty.

Product descriptions can be short or long, but they should include enough information to highlight the product’s main benefits and features COPY WRITING TIPS .

For example, you wouldn’t want a short product description for a high-priced item because clients may require more information to make a purchasing choice.

It’s crucial to include a longer copy in the product description for more expensive or complex things so that customers feel like they’re getting enough information to make a purchasing choice.

This is an excellent product description.

It’s enticing, informative, and emphasises the product’s advantages to persuade you to buy.

To draw your attention, they’ve underlined certain terms like “brighter, healthier look” and “transform the sensitive eye area.” It’s important to note that the delicate eye area is not just the eye area!

This serves to remind the potential buyer of their difficulty while also assuring them that La Mer is aware of their concerns. These adjectives are also an effective technique to pique readers’ interest in the merchandise COPY WRITING TIPS .

The best part about this product description is that it explains exactly how this eye cream will help you.

“Reduce the look of dark circles and lines in 21 days,” they say, quantifying the outcomes.

And believe me when I say that understanding how long it takes to see benefits from a new skincare regimen is a huge drive to try it.

They back up their claims with consumer testimonials, providing you yet more reason to click “Buy Now.”

Finally, the content is kind, warm, and approachable, giving the impression that you’re shopping at a friend’s house rather than a high-end luxury merchant COPY WRITING TIPS .

Anyone who is self-conscious about dark circles is looking for a magic solution. And the product description writing for La Mer’s eye cream persuades consumers that it is the miracle they are looking for.

Let’s take a closer look at the factors that go into creating a good product description COPY WRITING TIPS .

What is the Best Way to Write a Product Description?

You may develop a product description that obtains the best conversion rates by following these suggestions step by step.

Write for the audience you want to reach.

Understanding your target audience is the first step in developing a product description.

It’s critical to utilise language that will appeal to the experienced individuals you’re targeting while marketing anything technical. If you’re marketing something more mainstream, it’s critical to utilise terminology that everyone understands.

Consider factors like: What age group do they belong to? What gender are you? What are the demographics?

After you’ve figured it out, you’ll need to construct a persona for your ideal consumer. Is she a mother of a young family in her forties or a young man in his twenties trying to buy his first home? The more specific (within reason) you can be, the better COPY WRITING TIPS .

The next step is to gain access to their thoughts.

  • What are their aches and pains? What do they enjoy doing?
  • Why are they looking for your product in the first place?
  • Will your description’s copy appeal to them?
  • What kind of way of life do they have? What do they do with their free time?
  • What do they want to be when they grow up?

As many questions as you can. This will assist you in understanding how to write for and talk directly to your target audience.

According to Katie-Jay Simmons, Fit Small Business’s Ecommerce Expert,

“The worst thing you can do when approaching a product description is walk into it blindly.” Begin by conducting extensive research to determine what your target audience reacts to. Tone and phrasing can make all the difference in the world.”

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Make a list of descriptive sensory adjectives for your goods.

Make a list of the sensory adjectives that characterise your product before you begin writing your product descriptions. This will assist you in coming up with concepts for your writing.

Words that evoke your five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, are known as sensory descriptors.

People can’t pick up your thing, feel it, smell it, or, most crucially, try it on when they shop online. This emphasises the importance of adjectives in your product descriptions in sealing the transaction COPY WRITING TIPS .

Source: product rule , product features

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