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Computer Science Job Outlook

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Computer Science The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics now forecasts a favorable and above-average job outlook for all computer science occupations (BLS). The BLS predicts that between 2020 and 2030, the employment of computer and information research scientists will increase by 22%. This high level of employment security is not just available for positions in computer science research.
The BLS predicts that between 2020 and 2030, the employment of software engineers, quality assurance analysts, and testers will likewise increase by 22%. According to the BLS’s predictions, investing in a computer science job will give you a stable career.

What is the Job Outlook?

Any change in the number of individuals employed in a particular job during a set time period is referred to as the job outlook. Most job outlooks take into account time frames of two, five, or ten years. The ability to determine whether a sector is expanding and constantly hiring individuals will help you make an informed decision about which vocation to pursue.

What is the Job Outlook for Computer Science?

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, employment in computer science will increase by 15% between 2019 and 2029, which is a very fast rate of growth. Computer scientists encourage creativity and seek out novel applications for the technology, which can lead to the creation of more jobs when new chances for technological advancement materialize. Companies may also demand more computer scientists as data collection grows in popularity and more specialists are needed to develop the necessary processes and algorithms. Growth in the computer science sector is also attributed to improvements in cybersecurity and new software.

How Much Money Will Computer Scientists Earn in the Future?

Future computer scientists’ salaries will be highly influenced by their profession, job title, place of employment, and employer. The high job outlook rates for computer science professions point to rising pay rates in the future.
The median annual salary for computer and information research scientists climbed from $122,840 in May 2019 to $126,830 in May 2020, according to BLS figures. These pay increase differences reflect positive growth and line up with BLS job outlook estimates.

Jobs in computer science

You can apply for the computer science jobs listed below, along with information on wages and employment prospects. Click on the salary link by each job title below to access the most recent Indeed salary data:

1. Computer Systems Analyst

A computer systems analyst assists businesses and organizations with the installation and maintenance of computer systems as well as the application of technology. Depending on the organization they work for, computer systems analysts might make an average of $77,159 each year.

2. Computer Programmer

New computer programs are written by programmers, who then incorporate them into the software that computers utilize. Writing code and incorporating it into the programs one develops is a significant portion of a computer programmer’s job. Currently, the average annual wage for computer programmers across the country is $48,229.

3. Computer Engineer

To construct, maintain, and repair computers and other technological equipment, a computer engineer concentrates on the physical components of computers. Circuit boards and computer chips can be worked on by computer engineers to ensure proper operation and to perform any required repairs or installs. Computer engineers currently earn an average yearly salary of $96,843 in the country.

4. Computer Support Specialist

A computer support professional provides guidance and assistance to people who are having computer problems. Computer support professionals have familiarity with a variety of networks, including wide area networks and internet systems, and are able to test and manage computer network systems. Computer support experts make $28,401 on average a year.

5. Data Scientist

A data scientist examines data in order to display and organize it in ways that are clear and accessible to a wider audience than only computer experts. Depending on the type and form of the data, data scientists can also create statistical models that can simplify the analysis of the data. A data scientist’s annual income is present $122,242 on a nationwide level.

6. Software Engineer

For computers and computer systems, a software engineer programs and creates new software. Some software developers also work on desktop and mobile applications for computers. Software engineers currently earn an average yearly salary of $107,914 in the country.


To ensure they can full fill every area of their duties, computer scientists and other experts in the sector need specialized abilities in technology and computer use. This can include understanding computer programming, having the skills to create and maintain software systems, and being knowledgeable about various approaches to performing computer research.

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