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Best Camping Destinations in Karnataka

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Karnataka There was nothing that would bring us more joy when we were children than the idea of erecting
an outdoor tent and playing in it! The excitement will be with us for a lifetime as we try to
experience it on a daily basis. Camping is without a doubt, among the most enjoyable and
worthwhile things to do. Camping on a mountain or in the woods is an exciting and thrilling
possibility. In this article we’ll review some of the most popular camping locations in Karnataka.


Mullayanagiri Peak is among the most well-known trekking destinations nowadays, and it is very
well-known to trekkers. The Mullayanagiri highlands trek involves rugged yet stunning trails. It
takes about an hour and a quarter to reach the highest point starting from the base and the views
from the top are amazing. If you decide to visit this place Karnataka you’ll be on the top of Karnataka’s
mountain range that means you’ll enjoy stunning views. The trail is well-maintained and the top is
filled with beautiful grassy outcrops of rocky rock. Mullayanagiri isn’t just an ideal hiker’s paradise
and a popular camping spot.


Best Camping Destinations in Karnataka 1

The Tadiandamol is situated on top of one of Karnataka’s most stunning and undeveloped peaks
which rises to 1748 m and is considered to be the highest point in the Kodagu/Coorg region. The
hikers will be amazed by the stunning views from the tops. The trail takes to the Shola forests
vast expanse and is a full day travel, making it more accessible for city dwellers, whether keen
hikers or trekkers. At the foot of the mountain there is the “Nalknad-Palace is a well-known
historic site. Tadiandamol is a great spot to go to if you would like Karnataka to witness Kodagu at its most
beautiful. The beauty of the stunning scenery with its mysterious surroundings, the mystical
landscapes, and a few sections of Shola grasslands will overwhelm your senses. Camping and
trekking are choices for those looking to experience the peace and tranquility of the region.

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Sakleshpur is one of the charming hamlets near Bengaluru is now an extremely popular
destination for weekends. Sakleshpur is surrounded by stunning hills and coffee farms is fast
becoming a popular hangout for youngsters. The serene setting, with the lush green foliage is a
perfect opportunity for adventure. This is why Sakleshpur is among the best camping spots in

Enjoy a stay in Dandeli’s Hill Top Tree Houses in the stunning Jungle Camp Resort. Dandeli
Jungle Camp is situated in the serene lush forest in Dandeli’s Undiscovered Jungles, in which
the lush green forest is a unique natural treasure. When you awake to the beautiful sounds of
birds and the fresh cool fresh air filling your lungs to prepare for an enjoyable day ahead, you will
truly feel the impact. A clear, crisp dawn with dew slapping your feet, makes you feel more
exotic. The Jungles peaceful beauty beckons visitors to discover and take in the freshness that
entices you to return for even more… Dandeli, located on the banks of the Kali River, is famed for
its forests and wildlife. Dandeli has also been ranked as one of Karnataka’s most popular white
river rafting locations in recent times. Dandeli tourist attractions include nature walks and nature
excursions. It is absolutely worth it to camp in the wilderness in this kind of setting! Camping is a
thrilling method of spending time in the woods. Dandeli is among the top states!


Kanoor Kote
Exploring the unknown can bring a unique thrill. Kanoor Kote Fort is a unique tourist attraction
that is located in the Shimoga region. A trek up to Dabbe Falls and Kanoor Kote Fort is the best
method to view the stunning views of Sharavathi Valley. It’s also a lot of fun to camp amid the
lush greenery that surrounds the area. Globalization is making us be deprived of nature’s
heritage. The greener meadows are hard to find in urban areas these days. Therefore, the
experience of the deep woods and mountains is nothing short of amazing. Camping is among the
methods we can be able to enjoy the peacefulness of nature, while also learning about the
benefits of the lush vegetation.

Nandi Hills

Are you in search of a stunning hill-station for camping in? Nandi Hills is a fantastic location to
explore for fun and adventure! As you climb the hills to other stunning sites the area offers
stunning views to take pictures of. If that’s not enough, you can also go on a tour through some
of the gorgeous valleys and meadows in addition to observing the bubbling waters of the
stunning waterfalls.

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta
The most awe-inspiring slopes are an ideal spot to participate in exciting actions! Bilikal
Rangaswamy is an excellent hill-station close to Bangalore for recreational activities like trekking
or camping as well as mountain climbing. It’s also among the highest hills in the state, and if
you’re feeling up for a challenge, then you might want to try climbing to the highest point of it.
The camping and picnicking experience in this densely forested region will be a memorable
experience. The Karnataka spots offer the most challenging experience and an adrenaline rush
like no other. In case you’re in Karnataka and would like to experience another sport, head into
one of the state’s most famous beaches to experience some incredible water sports, or go to
Madhugiri to visit Asia’s largest monolithic hill. Or, head to Charmady Ghat to camp by the hills
and river.

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