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Benefits of using a leave management
system in an HRMS

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management The company’s HR team can provide clearer and more organized data about the current and
pending leave availability to its employees. This is both beneficial and productive for the
company and the employees. A good leave tracking system allows the company to focus on
the most important and crucial decisions for the business.
We have compiled a list of top reasons for Leave Management Software in your company.
Take a look at these top reasons to use Leave Management Software in your organization.

Avoid time-consuming, tedious paperwork and

A well-synchronized leave tracker system can avoid all disputes that arise from leaves. This
will allow your organization to save time and paper and provide transparency and an
efficient way to apply for and get leave approvals. This allows the organization to ensure
that the whole system is error-free.

Leave analytics

An efficient and effective leave tracking system can help an organization understand
patterns in attendance and leaves. These patterns can be used to analyze trends and assess
employee performance. These analytics can be used to help companies strategize and make
it easier for employees to manage their work effectively.

Learn about Employee Engagement

You can track attendance and record leaves to see how active your workforce is towards
your company. Short attendance and frequent leaves can be a problem that can indicate
underlying issues between employees and management.

Better & Accurate Leave Planning

Leave Management System can be configured with both work and team calendars so that
employees know when the best time is to take leave. This allows them to avoid any work-
related issues. He can also plan his work according to the time off.

Easier ‘Leave Carry Overs’

The company has set up the rules and regulations for leave management software are
followed. The software can quickly calculate and report the leave carryovers for the current

and next years. This software can inform employees and managers that employees receive a
fair amount of holidays.
Employees and the company both benefit from a well-designed and synchronized HRMS
leave application. It is easy to organize the pre-and post-planning stages of leaves.
Automated leave management systems are best as they can reduce HR managers’ time-
consuming and hectic work and attendance.

HRMS software simplifies employee attendance
management and tracking of leaves

The attendance management and leave management features to allow HRs to easily track,
manage and prepare reports. This HRMS was designed to streamline administrative
processes and allow easy operations from a centralized location.

Mobile Check-in/ Check-out

Employees can check-in and out using HRMS mobile app from anywhere. The HR
department can review the attendance of employees by uploading their selfies.

Multiple Shift Management

HRs can track employees who work in certain shifts and manage multiple shifts from many

Leave management

To manage all types of leave, paid or unpaid, sick, statutory, and other, you can create leave
policies based on your work culture, goals, and requirements. Reporting managers and HR
can access leave reports easily whenever they are needed.

Roster Management

You can plan and prepare your roster in advance by managing the employees’ schedules
effectively to maximize your resources.

Integration of biometrics

HRMS software can integrate with the office biometric device via the biometric integration
feature. This allows for the free flow data of punch-in/punch-out between the device, your
HRMS, and the device. This feature is designed to reduce stress in your HR department.
Having a separate muster to enter each employee’s entry and departure times causes

Comp-Offs and Overtime

HRMS automatically updates custom workflows for overtime work and automatically
processes the approved amount to work extra hours with its automation feature.

Updation of Mass Attendance with Muster Upload

The mass updating system makes it easy to update attendance logs. This saves both time
and effort. Accessing attendance reports can be made easy by the mass updating system.

Holiday management

To ensure a smooth workforce operation, the holiday management feature creates holiday
lists based on the locations of branches. To aid in global operations, users can view the non-
working hours of branches.

Custom approval workflows

Automating attendance and leave management can be a time-saver for HR departments.
This allows HR staff to spend more time on important tasks. This feature makes it easy to
track emails and create excel sheets.

Leave Reports

Leave management software includes a variety of report formats that can be used to help
you create an accurate report at the end of each year or month.

Fully Integrated With Payroll

The payroll system automatically synchronizes all details and integrates leaves and
attendance. HRs will be able to save time by not having to maintain separate files for
attendance or leave. These are essential parts of the payroll generation process.

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