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7 Reasons Why Reviews Are Important for Brands?

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Reviews Are Important Having easy access to reviews has changed how people shop these days. Reviews are as important as the brand’s social media presence. People trust what other people say about a brand and make decisions accordingly.

People rarely trust a brand blindly. 90% of shoppers showed that they see reviews before making a decision. People need to see at least one review before they trust a brand. And about 94% of users have mentioned that negative reviews have altered their decision-making. 

Regardless of the industry, having a positive image in the marketplace gives you several advantages, making it a key aspect of marketing campaigns. But how can you leverage reviews in your marketing touchpoints Reviews Are Important?

How do embed reviews on the website?

Reviews Platform are your answer. Platforms like Tag box help you with an effortless process of aggregating all your reviews from social media platforms, Google, and other third-party review websites. They help you in collecting reviews and display them in a widget format. 

You can design your widgets as per your requirements. Take advantage of the customization feature to change the background, play around with various responsive themes and layouts, add a CTA button, implement your imagination through the custom CSS option, and much more Reviews Are Important. 

Moderate the content in your widget and display only relevant information. You can pin the best reviews on top to highlight them, or eliminate any content that is irrelevant or unwanted. You can use the profanity filter to remove sensitive or offensive words from the widget. 

The analytics panel helps you with insights into how your users are interacting with the widget on the website. You get detailed information about the number of impressions, Click through rates, the overall performance of the widget, and much more Reviews Are Important . 

It is a fairly simple process but why do brands need to do it? Continue reading to see the answer.

Importance of reviews

Optimize the user experience by understanding why reviews are important enough to incorporate in multiple marketing touchpoints. Let’s see 7 reasons why user-generated content UGC in the form of reviews is important for your brand’s growth. 

  1. Helps build social identity

When people agree with your decision, it’s easy to invest. Online reviews do exactly that, when you think of making a purchase, you see the reviews and when you find positive reviews, you tend to make the purchase. You can drive 60% more order value by embedding reviews on your website. Reviews create evidence about how your brand is which ultimately drives sales. 

  1. Make your brand visible 

To make your brand successful you need to make yourself visible first. Your audience should know about your brand first, only then can they make an opinion. Search engines like Google surface brands that have a good amount of reviews making them more discoverable. This is a great way of keeping your brand name aligned with the algorithms. 

  1. Builds a positive brand image and trust 

Positive reviews are the base of trust and credibility. Reviews hold a lot of value as they come from first-hand experience of current clients. They influence a lot of potential customers as well. They hold your brand’s entire image in the market. Brands with better ratings tend to see better conversions. 

  1. Encourages word-of-mouth marketing

 Reviews have a way of spreading. Be it good or bad, they spread like wildfire. Encouraging people to post reviews, through various strategies like contests, is an easy way of making people talk about your brand. Third-party review apps like Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, etc. are your best bet. Google takes them into consideration before ranking brands, if you have a strong presence there, your chances of getting a high rank get better, eventually spreading more word Reviews Are Important. 

  1. Are an essential part of decision making

With reviews, you also increase your online presence. Encouraging your audience to talk more about you. Especially with online shopping when users cannot make a decision based on touch and feel, they tend to rely on reviews making it an essential part of their decision-making Reviews Are Important. 

  1. Evidently, impact your sales 

Reality does not follow logic or pre-defined theory, there are always some surprises. However, one fact that won’t come with any surprises is that reviews do empirically affect your sales. Simply improving your star rating can also boost your revenues by 4%. 

  1. Gives you a platform to interact with the audience 

That one nudge that encourages users to post reviews is when companies respond to them. People like being appreciated and seen, when brands reply to each and every review it makes a huge impact. Especially with negative reviews, the way you respond and handle the customer shows how much you care and how responsive and attentive you are towards rectifying your dissatisfied customers Reviews Are Important. 

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Wrapping up!

The way and approach you incorporate in marketing your brand is important and speaks out. Having your audience talk about you enhances your message and develops a brand image. Reviews can be your way to go around it, encourage your audience to post reviews and flaunt them on your website Reviews Are Important. 

This immediately develops trust and drives sales. 

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Inaayat Chaudhry
Inaayat Chaudhryhttps://ethonce.com/
Inaayat Chaudhry is a staff writer and digital marketing analyst at factsnfigs.com specializing in Digital Marketing and Tech.
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