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5 things you wanted to know about wall tapestry

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Overview: Wall tapestry adds a bright charm to your house. As we love to keep our home neat. One of the budget-friendly ways to do that is to hang a wall tapestry. It comes in various colours and different patterns to add beauty to your ordinary walls. Furthermore, they have vast ranges of collections and patterns too. You can choose your favourite. You can moreover add your fairy light above it to give a more authentic look. After every two weeks, you can remove and wash it. Some of the basic things you should always want to know about the wall tapestry and how to hang and use them are mentioned below.  

5 things you wanted to know about wall tapestry 1

Wall tapestry:

Walk tapestry develops colours and patterns to your basic walls. If you are a person who often wants to change the look of the home. And every time you can’t change the tiles or the paint. So, for that, we have bought one of the greatest life hacks which bring an extraordinary look for your basic walls. One of the interesting facts about wall tapestries is people often think it comes only in the mandala pattern. But it also comes in several other patterns like nature, sunsets, spirituality, night aesthetic, and many others. Firstly the nature picture, especially to the people who enjoy nature and would love to resonate with them can add the nature perspective to their wall. This nature pattern wall tapestry would completely make you speechless. As it looks authentic and also has several patterns within it. Secondly comes sunsets, to the people who love sunsets and would enjoy more. Moreover, it isn’t easy to please sunset people. But these wall tapestry with the sunset pattern will certainly lighten up their day just by viewing it. In addition to this comes one of the loved wall tapestries that is a night aesthetic wall tapestry. This is perfect for the people who admire nights and starry skies. There are more wall tapestries with various collections and you can also get a customised one if you want. 

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What is a wall tapestry: 

The word tapestry implies resemblances blended into clothes. So, it’s moreover like a cloth that is done with art. They motivate thoughtful and peaceful minutes, inspire the benevolent heart, and are tremendous topics of discussion. They furthermore heighten our emotional room, expand allure and warmness to our houses, and are balm for the heart. All of these qualities have made wall tapestries an outstanding intention amongst art enthusiasts for centuries. One of the unique facts about this is it never runs out of trend. Come on, has ever art run out of trends? 

Where’s the best place to hang the wall tapestry? 

Now, this should be a discussion. It completely depends on you! Another interesting thing about the wall tapestry is you can hang it anywhere and still find them reflecting all its glory through your home. Our suggestion is it would bend perfectly if it hung over the bedroom because it gives you an ideal look to your bedrooms. Furthermore, you can hang that also in the living room which will give a warm look as you enter or welcome the guest in a very impressive manner. 

What are the other purposes? 

This can be used for multi-purposes. Imagine a wall tapestry behaving as an allrounder in a home. Yes, you can use them as curtains for your window, you can cover your sofa, you can moreover use them as a table cover, you can pin them on your boring headboard to give a glow up! These are used for multipurpose in the home. These are the saviour of your home which indeed will help out in many things. 

How to save them?

This is one of the most familiar and quite important ones to know before buying. If you feel the wall tapestry should be washed or seem dirty then you can wash them in cold water with a gentle cycle. This is the way to handle them. 

How to hang them?

One of the things which you should know is the wall tapestry can be hung in the wall effortlessly.  You either nail it in the wall which will require a hammer and two nails. Either way, you can also try to use velcro if you don’t want to damage your walls. If you ain’t pleased with this way too then no issues you can thread rope the wall tapestry. This will be slightly complicated compared to the first two but will be an amazing view of the room.

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